Wednesday, September 4, 2013

While I have been away...

I was fully intending on keeping up with the blog when I left my job...I thought "The blog can be my job," like so many other talented diy bloggers I see! Well, after about a month of being home full time the baby we had been waiting for "planted" herself in my life! Below you see me at 5 weeks (about the time I disappeared from the blog) and the second photo is at 21 weeks and was taken about two weeks ago. My first trimester was hard...sitting at the computer typing posts and doing diy projects was about the last thing on my mind. FINALLY I am starting to feel better...well into my second trimester I might add...So to those whose nausea didn't magically go away at the 3 month mark, I feel your pain. And to those experienced  moms who told me "It'll go away in by the 2nd trimester"...while you were wrong, I appreciate the hope you gave me :)

It is kind of surreal to think about the reality of what is happening inside my body and it has been sinking in in stages. I think about being in high school and college, saying things like "When I get married..." or "When I have kids..." and how when you say those things you are looking toward the have no idea what your family will look like at that point. Now I have a fuller picture of what it was that I was looking forward to at the time...I know who my husband is now, then I didn't. I know that "when I have kids" that my oldest is a baby girl to be born in the winter time. Its amazing that as time goes on all the "hypotheticals" get answered, whether they are answered the way or at the time we think they should be is another story. 

I really, really, really want to share with you what we are planning for the nursery and I have been doing a few other projects around the house to get ready for the babe! We also have a master bathroom remodel that should have been underway right by now but working with our contractor has been a comedy of errors up to this point..but I want to share that with you as well. You may remember a post I did featuring our current full bath...well we decided to let that one remain pea green for now and to ADD A MASTER BATHROOM!

If you stop by PLEASE let me know, drop me a line in the comments section! It really does make my day to hear from you and it feeds my motivation to continue the blog! I am sure if nothing else you can find a spelling error or two...(punctuation and grammar are also likely to be incorrect because of my casual writing style on the blog, but I still welcome your feedback!)  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!



  1. Congratulations Kate! You look great, I would have never guessed you had a rough 1st trimester. I'm praying for smooth sailing for you and baby from here on out. I promise once baby comes, it'll all be worth it! (But, you know that already). :)
    Good luck with the blog. I'd love to see the new master bathroom and of course, the nursery!
    -Lauren Peterson

    1. Thanks Lauren! I saw some cute pics of your youngest on facebook...I thought your little stats poster in the background was cute...what a nice way to remember the first year!

  2. Hi Kate...thanks for filling us in on your progress...glad your feeling are living the true American dream. Can't wait to see your sweet baby girl and her cute nursery!

    Aunt Pat

  3. Glad to see you back on the blog, Kate. Looking forward to future posts about baby, nursery, and bathroom. You look great and so happy you're feeling better. Time does fly, enjoy every moment you can. We are truly blessed, I give thanks.