Monday, April 23, 2012

In Limbo...Deep Thoughts...

Hello Friends and readers from around the blogosphere...Thanks so much for your patience. I have been MIA recently...I know...I feel partially it is due to balancing work and buying a home, along with that...all that busyness has kept me uninspired. Is that even how you spell "busyness"?

I think being in this in between...between the apt and the house...has me in a holding pattern. This past weekend Phil and I packed some things...but we close a week from today and our movers are not scheduled until a week after that. Life is going to be "in between" for the next few weeks. 

That being said I have been reluctant to start much around here and at the same time I can;t get started just yet on the house...not until we are in and it is really ours.

Sadly I have not even a photo today and nothing much to share than my own thoughts.

I am wondering if this limbo thing is just something that goes along with the 20's? Some things are settled, I've got the marriage thing checked off the list (so happy I found such a sweet man the stand in that check box with me!)...but then there is still so much more to (almost got that one...making it a home is another story)...thinking about kids, what we want our family to look like...hoping for upward mobility in our jobs (we're comfy, but looking forward to more financial freedom)....

For those who are in it and those who have been you think the limbo ever ends or are there always new things to consider? Is it just a given of being young (although I am beginning to realize I am not as young as I used to be)? Or is it just that I am in the middle of a move, not feeling grounded in anyone spot?

My husband always tells me to embrace the gray...speaking of which...that might be a really nice shade in our new kitchen...or maybe the bath?

I would love to hear your thoughts! If nothing else tell me what inspires you? How do you get inspired when you feel you are drawing a blank?


  1. Such big, amazing things going on in your life together :) Just take a deep breath: I'd say enjoy the gray for a few days and let yourself rest and be at peace.

    We are always so busy and I've begun to embrace that "someday when we aren't busy" isn't going to happen for us - we are crazily pursuing all the things we love and couldn't be happier in the chaos! (even though somedays we feel crazy, not happy. tehe)

    Best of luck with your move, hun! You are going to create an amazing home!

    1. Ah that makes a lot of sense! And you are doing so awesome...I would still love to pick your brain sometime!

  2. Cant wait to see what you are going to do with the new house!

  3. I second Monica's thoughts. I think life just starts going a little faster at some point and it takes a while to adjust. You are such a creative person, Kate, and soon you'll find all kinds of things among the busyness that inspire you. I am very well acquainted with "the gray" and have made my peace with it (which is good, considering we'll be in the gray for at least another six years!). I know it's easy to think "things will be so much better when X happens," and that might be true, but you'll also lose some of the good things that are part of the gray of this moment. If you can see the blessings of this moment, you will always be happy. At least that's the lesson that I'm continually trying to learn! Love you, Kate!

    1. Oh Jane!! So good to hear from you. You probably don't know how often I think of you since I do a bad job of staying in touch! Anyway I was so happy to see your post. Phil and I closed on the house yesterday and it went really well. No hiccups. Thank you for your kind words of did always have something valuable to say! I am getting used to the gray...getting into the house and seeing all the little things we want to do to make it ours is very exciting! I am as you say "Seeing the blessings of this moment!" :)

      I am wondering what you mean about the gray for the next six years? I will have to check your blog and get up to speed on your life!

      Love you too Jane!!

    2. Kate, I think of you often too. We should connect sometime, someplace other than our blogs' comment boxes! I'm so glad to hear that you and Phil closed on the house yesterday and things are looking up. And congratulations! How exciting!

      The next six years: James is graduating with his master's next week, and then starting work on his PhD in a five year program. I'm mentally tagging another year on to that just in case, figuring that it may take time to find a job, a home, etc.