Monday, April 2, 2012

Apartment Tour

I have been busy snapping shots of our current apartment. What better way to say farewell than to look back and remember. Since I know many of you reading will not have a chance to visit us at our apartment in person before we move, and there are others of you from the blogosphere that are scattered far and wide that would not have the opportunity to visit us I thought I would take you on a virtual house tour. As Fergie Ferg and the Black Eyed Peas would say...Let's get it started, let's get it started in here!

You remember the entry way that I recently re-organized...

And since you traveled a long way to get here let me show you to our guest bathroom. I know you have been holding it for a while so that you could drive straight through and get here, so go ahead, relieve yourself!

And, yes, I am aware that my towels are not folded straight, it is bothering me too! Another confession, those toiletries in the basket are from Phil's traveling days (he took them from his hotel room)...but when you stay with us you should feel like you are in the "Rossing Inn and Spa"!

That will lead into our kitchen. I used a lot of the counter space and the above cabinet space for storage. I tried to make it functional and pleasing to the eye. I really don't believe much in decorating in the kitchen with things other than what is actually useful in them. Those Scotch canisters are from Phil's Bachelor Pad. You will see later what I came up with for the plethora or liquor he brought with him to the marriage! 

If you turn directly behind you, you will see an extension of our entryway. 

That little painting was done by my mother-in-law, the lace is from our honeymoon in Brugge, the little book is the guestbook that I made for our wedding, the bulletin board was also made by me for the wedding, and those three little vases you see to the right holding the little candles are the vases Phil used to hold the three dozen roses he presented me with on the night of our engagement! It is nice to have so many warm memories greet us as we come and go.

This is our dining are. I am not afraid to mix wood tones, we have blonde, espresso and black here. The 7-drawer chest is actually part of the bedroom set I begged for from Pier 1 when I was in middle school....Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me stay stylish! The whole set has lasted me a long time and the rest is currently int he guestroom (which you wont see here yet because it also crammed with our workout stuff that I couldn't move by myself!)

Here is the living room...

Which has been moved around to accommodate a humble home office for Phil 

Besides the little modular bar you saw in the dining room I also had to use one of our built-ins to house what alcohol would not fit in the bar. I decided to make this Phil's little "Man Stand" and put his humidors out as well as his cigar books and some more bar glasses.

You then go down a short hall that leads into out Master Bedroom. The bedding is Blythe from Pottery Barn and I just love it. It seems like a good compromise, not too feminine...I was not going to be the wife that made my husband sleep on flowers :)...just under them apparently!

Here is the dresser that I feature in this post

And out little gallery wall that I feature in this post

And I will end with our master bath..Since I know this is a tour and you probably have to go by now. I kept it light an so refreshing to get ready here in the morning :)

Phil picked out that shower curtain (from Target) that you can see in mirror...He has great taste!

I hope you enjoyed this look into our home. Stay tuned for photos of the guestroom. We will have my in-laws to visit in two weeks, so I will get it photo ready by then. Once I get some good shots I will post them for you to see...I know you are all on the edge of your seats!

What projects have you been working on lately? How many places have you lived in your life? Do you keep a catalog of photos from the apartments/.houses you have lived in? If you heard "Lets get it Started" in your Pandora playlist...would it get a thumbs up or down? (and yes I did just find an excuse to link to the Black Eyed Peas twice in this post!) Leave me your comments!


  1. I like the photos! Nice place; you're a very good decorator!

    1. Thanks Trevor, Your photographic contributions to our home help a lot in making it unique!