Friday, April 6, 2012

Apartment Tour Cont. (The Guestroom)

My Mother is coming to celebrate Easter with us this weekend, so my hubby tidied up the guestroom this A.M. while I took our little Stella to the vet...she has not been feeling well (poor little girl...) I am kind of interested to see if these mood altering drugs we have her on will make her more snuggly. She's the kind of cat that will get close to you...but not too close (perhaps she has had some bad relationships...maybe a boy kitty form her past that was emotionally unavailable has taking a toll on her ability to trust again?) She is constantly looking over her shoulder...if only they had talk therapy for cats...would that be called meow therapy? 

I digress! Enough about Stella's trust issues. Here is our guestroom: 

Definitely has more of an eclectic feel to it (probably because it is). The canvas drawers and the armoire I have had since middle school you guys...that's like...over a decade (It is crazy how as you get older you can actually say you have had something that long...freaky) Anyway the style is still fairly relevant and for that I am thankful! I love that kind of eastern style mirror (even though I sometimes have had a hard time finding the right place for it)...It was my first impulse buy after getting my first job and my own apartment after grad school. And the Gallery Wall you saw featured in this post

The duvet cover and euro shams are from Pottery Barn. The Agave print I also purchased when I single...that bed is a double and rather than getting a headboard I thought I would use an art print. I don't know that I am totally happy with the look, which is why I was excited to find my vanity on craigslist recently because it cam with a matching double bed headboard and footboard. Stay tuned for when I get to that project, but, in the midst moving I have no idea when that will's Good Friday, I should not have this much on my plate...(Alert: geeky Catholic joke!) 

You are thinking "Whats up with the work out stuff?". Well, here at Casa de Rossing we like to provide our guests with fitness equipment just in case they are trying to work off some extra poundage and don't want to break their stride when they come to Madison....Livestrong! I like to think we offer the highest quality of amenities to our guests.  Seriously though....there just isn't a good place to put this stuff right now, so it made the apartment tour...There was some debate between the husby and I as to whether or not that ball (oh wait I am sorry, I mean fitness orb) was going to be inflated full time...I am sometimes tempted to take Jim Halpert's approach with it

That's all I have you kids! I am having some crazy deja vous right now! Oooo Weeee...What Up With That? I am asking though, what's the deal with that? 

Leave me your comments, about the cat, the room, or what you think is up with deja vous. You know if makes my day when I get to hear from you!

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