Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our First (Serious) House Hunt

Could we be saying "Bye-Bye" apartment with pool we never use?

I don't know yet....come along with me on our little adventure...

We are already learned the ups and downs of this house hunt thing even before we stepped foot into one place for a showingYes I made the mistake of finding what seemed to be the perfect house online, envisioning myself there, seeing my children running through the yard and my husband pulling to the drive way after work and greeting me at the door with a kiss...All after just seeing photos online. We called our agent only to find an offer had already been put in the house and they were going to close in a few days. Sad face! But even before I got this news I said a little prayer, obviously that was not our house...we would find some new house and live happily ever after.

After I let go we proceeded with our search and I had another lesson learned: Just because it is listed online does not mean it is available. Website for buyers like you and me are not exactly up to date all the time and wont tell you is an offer has been made on a house. So take it from me, don't fall in love with a house until you see it...it's just like online dating...it may not have been what you wanted once you saw it in person anyway (perhaps it used a photo from a year ago...before it gained 15 lbs and grew a beard!)

We have a nice little list though of what we are looking for. Which is an important first step in the looking process. know what you want. know what the function of your home is going to be? How will you and your family use the space? And an important one for us is to imagine a bab(ies) (who we love very much already but is still just an idea) and how will the home work with a little one...also how the schools in the area will educate a little one. What if my husband works from home...where will he do that? What if I work at home someday...where will I do that? Where will we keep all Phil's shoes?

On the List:
-Garage (preferably 2 car)
-Fireplace (which may change, but we haven't had trouble finding them available online anyway)
-Yard of some sort
-2 + Bathrooms
-3+ Bedrooms
-Nice Neighborhood
-Good Schools (for the children we
-Storage (basement or attic)
-Ample Closet Space

We know that this list might change or we might be willing to make adjustments and concessions based on cost or other benefits of the property

My favorite real estate agent , showed us some homes this weekend. I plan to take all of you on this journey with me! so stay tuned...I would love to have a house of my own to feature for you on this blog! We saw one that we really loved and would like to make ours...so we made a big scary exciting offer...We will have to see what happens, the house is far from ours yet but, who knows in a few months we could be here:

Or maybe right back here...

...which is not the end of the world and means there is something better for us out there just waiting for us to find it.

So what is on your list? Many of you reading have already found your happy little home...how long did it take, what was on your list? Did you have to give anything up? Share with me, and those around the blogoshpere who stop into my home on the web in the comments section!


  1. I'm glad you didnt find someone online....

    Your not so secret admirer

    1. Hmm could this be my husband? Who I found in a bar?

  2. Good luck, Kate! And make sure to look in our neighborhood - I'd love to have you for a next door neighbor:) Maybe you guys could come over for dinner soon and we could walk around and take a look!

    1. We looked in your neighborhood a bit, and that one that I loved that had an offer on it was actually right down the street...I had envisioned walking to you place for lunch and stuff...oh well. Maybe if we don't get this one something else will open up!

  3. Nice house....looks in good shape. I'm glad your favorite Realtor was there to help.
    Happy House Hunting!!

    1. We were happy as well. Thanks for the well wishes...we need them as we are quite nervous about what the sellers will think of our offer...eeeeeek!

  4. I love it. Nice work! Tudor houses are so adorable.