Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Re-Sale Pay Day

Remember that post about my love of a good RE-sale... so I took my clothes to the re-sale shop this weekend, yes I know, it was like two weeks later than I actually planned and from what I told you, I apologize for that.

The retail value of my items was $106.00, and 30% payout made my take home grand total about $33.00.
Remember I could have gotten 60% in trades, but I usually always take the cash.

Anyway kids, this is one of the times where you get to learn from my mistakes. I didn't realize when the buying period was for Winter items. It's February, the end of winter, and the shop I go to is seasonal, meaning that all those sweaters you saw they are not buying again until the end of August. The good news is that the buyer made a bag of all the stuff she would have taken had the timing been right and told me to come back in August.  The buyer I talked to said they buy Winter items from late August to early December. 

So my new rule will be:  Bring your clothes to be sold the season before they would be wearable...for instance, bring Winter items in the Fall, and Spring items in the Winter. 

That $33.00 was all from spring items. 

In my last post that I told you how I go to two shops. I did the same thing this time, except I kept aside the bag of items that the buyer at the first store said she would take in the Fall...Why? Because I will get more for them at the first store and I know they will take them later int he year, and secondly if the next place you go is seasonal they wont take them either, so you might as well hang onto them for a bit.

So I brought the rejected items to the second store, and made just over a dollar more...(they only took one item)

Some item both stores passed on because of general wear and tear. Stores will also pass on items that have been altered.  The pants pictures above were featured in my last post. I put a new button on but they still did not sell. It may have been this button, I don't really now, but more likely it was the fact that they had been altered (most of my husbands pants have to be tailored at the cuffs. 

All that said I will be headed back in the Fall with my Winter items, and if I find some Summer items I want to cash in on I will bring them this Spring...I will be sure to keep you posted. For now I am 33 buck richer with more space in my closet!

I would love to hear about your re-sale and thrifting experiences, please use the comment section to share your thoughts!

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  1. WOW--those arrangements are really nicely done. Great eye!