Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Men's Winter Scarf Pattern

FINALLY....a knitting post! Yes, I am excited too. I this is a fun and easy pattern that I found on If you are a knitter and you have not checked out Ravelry, you should. I made this scarf for my hubby for Christmas this year, I absolutely love it and so does he. Sorry I don't have any process photos, this piece was pre-blog!

I used worsted and dk weight, and you could certainly to the same, on 40" size 8 circular needles in a linen stitch length wise. I started with three rows or cream border and they alternated cream, grey and tan yarns in the same order.

This is the "front" side of the scarf. The alternating thread give a nice "seeded" look.

The "back" of the pattern is complimentary to the front, which I like because with many threaded scarf patterns you have to wear it in a way that hides the back or do some extra work to cover it up. With this I didn't have to.

I added the fringe with a simple slip knots and again alternated my three colors. I tied knots at the end of the threads as well to keep them from fraying. 

You can find the pattern here! See more patterns by Hilary at her blog!


  1. Cute! Should I put in my request now for one for Christmas next year? ;)

    1. Thanks... And are you saying you would like a men's scarf for Christmas next year?? Hehe!