Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love a Good RE-Sale

I love a good sale...and it would appear from this photo that I had been on a pretty big shopping spree. The truth is though, this bag is full of clothes I that don't fit or styles/colors that I just don't wear...I know what you are thinking..."This girl will buy anything if it is on sale"...NOT TRUE. I will sell anything I don't wear anymore or that doesn't fit me. For those of you who don't have a garage or don't want to go to the trouble of having one, I find resale shops to be a great option.  You are not going to get top dollar from them and you are definitely not going to recoup what you paid for them, but it is better than nothing and whatever doesn't sell I take over to Goodwill. 

In my experience I get about 30% of the resale price on the the clothes I sell, which seems like a racket...but it gives me more room in my closet and more cash than I came in with. Some places also do trades, the place I go to gives sellers 60% of the resale value on a trade...sometimes I find some really cute things and the trade is worth it. Resale shops generally want things that are true vintage and in good condition, current styles or name brands. I have sold from J. Crew, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Mossimo, Gap. So they will take it all as long as they think they can sell it.

It can be hard to think about getting rid of clothes, especially if they are not that old and in good condition. I have actually had some of the item above since middle school, just because they we nice, I kept them, even though I never wore them anymore. But if you have not worn it in the last year, you might want to think about unloading it. At least you can use the cash to put toward something you really love, instead of keeping something that you sorta liked at one time. I find it is better to have less things that you wear more often than to have a closet full of clothes that are wearable but that you are not really into anymore. Here are a few tips and a few items I put in the sale bag and how I justified letting go.

This dress is actually from Dress Barn...What were they thinking with that name and what was I thinking with that pattern! So NOT me and never really was. My only guess was that I could pass it off as retro. But because when I tried it on it was flattering. I bought it and another one with a different but equally as loud a pattern. None of this is to say that this dress may won't fit someone else's personal style as well as it fit my figure. 

These sweaters are are beautiful, merino wool from J.Crew. I have hung onto these for a while and it will be hard to let hem go, the green one is just too small for me and the pink one really washes out my fair pink-ish skin. I can get a little bit for them and someone else can actually get some wear out of them. I will be surprised if these don't sell! I will keep you posted!

Like is a color I can wear only in moderation. This was something I picked up at Marshal's. Resale shops, at least the ones I have gone to in Wisco never seem to have very many dresses so my hope is always that they will find value in ones I bring to them. Usually they have sold.

You man's clothes are worth more than you know. Quality men's items are also in short supply, so if you are going to make the trip you might at well go through his things too. Sometimes they are more picky about men's items, but I bring whatever I have. I have nothing to lose if they say money has already been spent (sometimes I am actually a little insulted by what they don't take...don't take it personal, every buyer is different and sometimes is just depends onthat one persons judement and who is working on any given day)
IF THERE ARE STAINS OR DAMAGE... I do my best to get the stain out, if it wont come out you can give it a shot, but they look things over pretty carefully. If it is something like a broken button, try sewing a new one on. If all of that is too much effort just put it in the Goodwill/St. Vinny's pile.

Don't forget about shoes and accessories (belts, bags, jewelry), resale shops buy those too. The grey boots a bought because my husband liked them on me...they just aren't practical and I don't wear them often enough to justify keeping them...I could justify taking what I might get for them and putting it toward a more neutral and versatile pair of boots. The wedges are cute, also never worn and given to me by an old boss with weird boundaries. So hopefully I can turn a profit on them! Shoes that are not in almost new condition can be really hard to sell, so take care of your shoes.

Go to more than one shop... I have one shop that I always sell to first (Rethreads) because I think they have a better pay out plus I think they buy better quality stuff and I have been able to make some satisfying trades, what I don;t sell there I take to Plato's Closet, then the rest gets donated.  

One last thing...  Some shops are only buy styles that are in season, so if you have some Spring items that don't sell, hang onto them and try again when Spring rolls around.  I always just bring everything... some buyers have told me that they would have taken particular items had they been in season and asked me to come back with them later in the year.

I plan to take my items in this weekend, so I will keep you posted on how much I get and what they bought!                                    


  1. I love those grey boots!! It's too bad they're not flat (I don't wear heels too often). Resale shops are the best though! I have one in Rochester that I buy/sell at too. Except usually when I sell items to the store, I walk out with 2 or 3 new items that I buy that day which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a fresh, cleaned out

  2. I end up picking some things up when I go to sell too. For me it is not always about cleaning out the closet but have a closet full of things I actually wear!

    Next time you go you should take some pics and send them to me so I can share them on the blog!

  3. Pics of what I am going to sell you mean?

    1. Yeah how ever you want to do it. Might be fun to compare shops in different cities!