Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For My Valentine

This Valentine's Day I took my first stab at crafting a handmade Valentine. Here is what I came up with. I was kind of winging it as I went a long and in the process figured some things I would have done differently. Still the artist in me likes the idea of starting a project without really knowing where I am going to end up. I took photos throughout the process with the intent to give you a tutorial, however since I really had no method and did things in no structured way I thought I would just share it with you and perhaps you could learn along with me. You might be able to tell where I pulled some inspirations in my Handmade Valentine's post.

I was going for a masculine romance type of thing, I don't know that it came out that way...it didn't come out as refined as I wanted it to, But again this was a learning process for me and hopefully by my sharing I can help some other crafters out there.  We don't always get it on the first shot. Anyway here is where I started and how I ended up where I did.

 I pasted patterned paper onto the inside of the card and then cut out half of a heart with an exacto knife.

Things were looking a little stark. I added a strip of deep red to the bottom...If I had it to do over I would have had the red wrap around the card, instead it is just on the front. It just could have been cleaner. This was lesson 1.

A simple message. And dark brown ribbon.

Ah the button, this is where is started to look very "arts and crafts"...not what I was going for, but I had to press on, because Phil was going to be home and I had to get it done before he got back. Lesson 2...Don't put it off till the last minute...start early and plan well.

This may have been a little much, but at least it has some meaning. The burlap is taken from some left over table runners for our wedding and the pearls were left over from the guestbook I made for the reception. 

Lesson 3. Use a smaller paint brush. Just not clean. I used it for the "XOXO's" and to cover up the ragged edge of the heart after I cut it...I don't know that it helped to make it look cleaner, but it did help anchor the heart.

In the end though I think It came together to have what could be an intentionally rustic, crafty and "thrown together look. Some of the features I like are:

The texture of the burlap, the masculine color palette, The peek-a-boo to my note inside, and the simple message. The good news is a have another whole year to figure out what to do next year. Also I knew Phil was going to love it no matter what and that is all that counted. The same goes for you. If you out the effort into something, even if it didn't turn out the way you expected of envisioned in your head, it is still something that was made with love and that will put your valentines message out there better than anything else.

I hope this was helpful! And Happy Valentine's Day Phil! I love you very much!


  1. First off, I hope you two have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Secondly, I think the card turned out really cute! I especially love the peek-a-boo heart with your message peeking through. In my experience, guys always appreciate little homemade gifts like this so it's worth the effort in the end (even when you think it doesn't turn out perfectly). I went the DIY route for Valentine's Day too, so we'll see how he likes his gifts! :)

    1. Oh send a pic by e-mail if you have one I would love to see it!