Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fireplace Inspirations

Occasionally Phil and I do a little online house search and one thing he always checks in the search column is "fireplace", it was even critical for us when we chose a place to rent. And while or fireplace is gas and there is so much I would do with it is we weren't renting, it is what we have for now.

There is a certain charm that a fireplace brings to the home like nothing else can. Not just for use in the winter, a fireplace with the right decor can be cozy any time of the year,even if no fire is burning in it. I have been drooling over a few this week.

Here is a shot of our fireplace. We both love the nautical theme, for me the affinity for things nautical was passed down from my mother, plus I grew up on a peninsula and my father was a ship builder, and for Phil because he loves to sail...his big dream is to have his own life size boat...for now the ones on our mantel will have to do!

I cannot believe I didn't get it in the shot, but the sign over the top says "Welcome Aboard"...as I continue to post you will find that many of the things in my home are stolen from my mother; the helm (which my father added the port hole and mirror to) and the "Welcome Aboard" sign were both taken from home, both of which were also hanging above the toilet in our hall bathroom growing up....I love it, that's just our humor!

Here's a run down of some of my favorite fireplaces from around the web:

This is actually a faux fireplace. The shelving, the mantel, everything. There is no chimney. This is such a great idea...no more excuses for not have the fireplace you always dreamed of...this one wont need a chimney or cleaning. You could use candles to create a warm glow, or fill the space where the fire would normally go with a basket or birch branches. Get creative, put whatever you like in that space. My favorite feature: the built in shelves!

Some people cringe at the idea of painting brick, I however, am a fan. The next two photos are the afters of the diy and home transformation guru's at Young House Love. I want to buy a house with a brick fireplace now just so that I can paint it. Take a  look!

Young House Love

Young House Love

My favorite feature: other than the painted brick my fave feature is the use of soft, bright color.


Okay, so this one has painted brick and built in shelving! What more could a girl want? This photo was taken from HGTV's idea for off season fireplace decor. See the candles burning rather than logs that will throw out a lot of heat.  My favorite feature:You still get the warmth without the added heat.


This shot is from Martha B. at NibsBlog. Last year she did a series where she redesigned her mantel each week. That sounds like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I would have been tempted to keep this one.Martha really thought outside the box on this one. I am always impressed when people come up with alternative ways to use familiar item. In this case a fireplace is now used as the backdrop for a tiny home office. I love the maps, empty frames and the vintage books. My favorite feature: The crooked photo in the center of the mantel...it totally works!

Simplified Bee

Simple elegance is all I can say on this one. The fireplace is in perfect symmetry with the mirror in the middle and balanced by two vases. the fireplace itself is then also balanced by matching tables and lamps. The variety in the chairs keep things interesting while not becoming overwhelming. This room was designed by Texas based designer Shannon Bowers.  My favorite feature: The subtle burst of pink and green that the flowers bring to this fresh monochromatic room.

What do you think? Which of the above fireplaces could you picture yourself curled up in front of? Use the comments section to get the conversation started!

Thanks for dropping in!


PS. I will get a better shot of my mantel arrangement up tonight so  you don't just have to rely on my description! See you then!


  1. My favorite of the group is the HGTV fireplace and shelves - with your nautical theme it would be the coziest!

    Mary D.

    1. Your right it would be the best fit for our nautical theme I think!

  2. I love the painted brick fireplace too! You have such good taste. :) Although we don't have a fireplace in our home now, I told Justin that someday (in our future home) I want one of those modern see-through gas fireplaces that you can use in two rooms. Do you know which ones I'm referring to? I'm thinking one that sits in the master bedroom and goes through into the master bathroom sounds warm and cozy!

    1. The two way fireplaces are so cool. Phil had one in his old apartment that went from the living room into the bedroom.

      To have one in the master bath would be quite a luxury...you would definitely need a Jacuzzi tub then :)

    2. I'm not opposed to that! As you can tell, my wish list for our next house will probably be a mile long, lol!

    3. I just like how you have been in for a couple months and you are already planning the second one!

  3. Yeah, I know. It does seem silly. :/ But I'm sure you'll understand how it is when you guys buy your first place. You come to find out that sometimes you can't have EVERYTHING on your "want" list and you also don't want to be house broke by buying an extravagant home right away. We have a beautiful starter home for our family to grow into right now, and we're still saving money for our dream home someday. :)