Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Better Part of a Year

This blog is about home and diy projects, however non of those things really make a home...What does is the people who live there. So every now and then you will see posts that are just about us. Today is a special day for our little family of two and I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share with you.

Most people would mark the 6 month wedding anniversary as the biggest milestone marker in the first year of marriage. I think month number 7 is just as important, everyday is important. 7 months ago Phil and I were in the "fairy tail town" (you'll get that reference if you have seen the movie In Bruges.) of Bruges, Belgium on our honeymoon. Bruges is known as the Venice of the north, and in my opinion it is the most romantic city in all of Europe! In honor of the last 7 months and of my husband I wanted to share some photos and some things learned along the way! Get a little video tour of the city here.

We trekked a long way to find this tucked away lace shop with REAL, handmade lace. So beautiful, you would not believe how intricate this stuff is...a true art!

Phil got this great shot of the Church of Our Lady while we were on the canal tour...he even ordered up a bird to be soaring through the photo!

Like I said, it's a fairy tale town...

It rains a lot in Brugge, the hotel supplies complimentary umbrellas, three of which we ended leaving at various locations around the city....woops!

We got to stay in a palace that was the residence of Duke Philip The Good...I married Philip The Good, not the Duke though.

This is where we had our first taste of Bearnaise we look for it everywhere. I will have to share our recipe with you all sometime soon. 

You guys...They even named streets after awesome is that???

Our last day in Brugge we took another long walk form our hotel to get a look at the windmills on the north side of town...I took a lot of test shots that day. We enlisted the aid of our second tripod of the trip...the first one broke the first day we were there. 

I am celebrating 7 months because they say the first year is the hardest...and since I am still in it, I have no way to know if that will be true...I think the first year is beautiful because it's like taking these two people and throwing them into a rock tumbler together...things get rough, but at the end you end up with a perfectly smooth stone. As long as both partners are growing there should be no shame in the conflict. Conflict really can be an opportunity to grow in intimacy. There have been so many things that have forced both of us to grow...I have had to look at things and grow in ways that I would not have  as a single person. I have my marriage to thank for that! I have learned that the purpose of marriage is to make each of us the best versions of ourselves. (that's the wisdom I have gleaned in the last 7 months...can you imagine what kind of profound proclamations I will be making in 50 years! :)

I love being married, For better or for worse, I count it all a blessing. 

Phil, thank you for the better part of a year, thank you for picking me and thank you most of all for loving me the way you do. I love you!

For those of you in it or having completed it...what are your thoughts on the first year? Use the comment section to share. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. My first ~7 months has been fantastic! Thank you for being my wife. :)

  2. Hi Kate and Phil,
    Such a beautiful and love filled post. You two are so talented with the computer,
    camera, and prose! It is a beautiful way to share your ideas and life with others. Thanks for including me. Enjoyed browsing. Love, Aunt Marge

    1. I am glad you are enjoying Aunt Marge! Thank you for stopping by!- love kate