Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Never Thought Your Bookshelf Would Do This!

One of the challenges of getting married is moving in together. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living with my extremely sweet and handsome husband...but in those first few weeks I couldn't imagine how we were going to combine all of our stuff. Along with that I didn't know how I was going to make it all come together in a way that was functional and pleasing to the eye. I started in the bedroom. My husband and I both had A LOT of clothing, and each of us having lived alone for several years before getting married, well, we weren't used to sharing space. Thankfully the new apt had a walk in closet and a second bedroom for storage, yet I still had some random items that there just didn't seem to be a good place for. We did not have the space or the budget for a new dresser in the bedroom and after looking for a small three drawer chest and finding even what Target was offering was more that I wanted to spend at the time I decided to look for solutions closer to home...as in a random bookshelf that had hidden in the corner of Phil's old apartment and was now only serving as a perch for Ms. Stella. (Meow)

Once I cleared out the cat this it what I had to work with. Fortunately this piece was already black and gelled with the other furniture we had, but whatever you are working with you can paint to match your color scheme if it doesn't already.

 I had some canvas lined blonde wicker baskets that I thought would contrast nicely with the black...but of course they were just a titch too tall. If you have adjustable shelves and can find adjust them so that your desired container fits that is great, You could even have your shelves unevenly set intentionally and use different size baskets and containers to create storage. But mine didn't work out that way so I knew I was going to have to spend some money.  Regardless of you intended effect the first and most important thing before you go to the store for a project like this is : TAKE MEASUREMENTS! Measure the height, width and depth of the INSIDE of the shelves. Take those numbers and a tape measure with you to the store to ensure that you will have a good fit upon arriving home! This time I was liking what Target was sellin'. I found these canvas drawers in the organization section. You can find them in stores and online in a wide range of colors. I just checked online and saw that I could have gotten them even cheaper at Walmart. So do some checking.

Because I had my measurements with me I knew that six of these would do the job with and inch or so to spare. I took them home and...

...after filling my drawers (I use this piece for small items like socks, underwear and pj's) the only thing left to do was to warm it up a bit. I went for a vanity type feel that wouldn't be too girly as I am now sharing this space with a male... (a male with great taste I might add). I hung a mirror that I already had and used my own accessories as decorative accents. That beautiful silver jewelry box is a recent addition that Phil gifted to me for Christmas this year! He even had it monogrammed (gentlemen take notes) Silver can class anything up!


  1. What a great idea! I could really use something like this to organize all my scrapbooking supplies.

    P.S. Love the picture of Stella! *meow*

  2. You can be sure to see Stella making plenty of appearances on De la Chambre!