Thursday, January 12, 2012

The End of Christmas

All of these have been opened.....

The Christmas season, officially or unofficially, is coming to a close. That means all the decorations go back in boxes and we have to wait a whole year before we can pull them out again...well, you could pull them out sooner, but people might start to talk :)

Before I take my decorations down I wanted one last chance to spread the Christmas Cheer. I kept it very simple this year since we were traveling the week of Christmas and wouldn't be home to enjoy it that much, but I still think it is worth sharing. It took very little effort. A trip to a local big box store and and about an hour later we had an apartment that was ready for the season.

First I used things that we already had....We got a beautiful Waterford crystal bowl as a wedding gift from my Uncle Bill and Aunt Colleen. Phil brought these wonderful silver bauble ornaments to the marriage and then TADA!...A seasonal centerpiece.

The only other thing we adorned in the house was our fireplace...our gas fireplace :( Again I kept it VERY simple,. Picked up some 9 foot garland with lights already wrapped in it....(this was why we needed to go to Wal-Mart, Phil had the same thing, but it had colored lights...that is not what I was going for this year. Maybe someday we will have two fireplaces and we can use both!) I got a couple stems of red and gold flowers to tuck in as well. I was going for a classic Christmas look so we got classic red stockings. Next year I hope to knit some stockings to hang, but these did the job in the clutch. We even got a teeny tiny stocking for Stella. Meow. 

Phil and I had a wonderful holiday. Here we are celebrating together on New Year's Eve, now married and exactly one year after our engagement. So much to be thankful for this year!


  1. cute pic -- you make it look so effortless :)

  2. Thank you Rob and Nicole! I am glad we keep the appearance of being effortless....perhaps I should post our plethora of takes to get this photo! Needless to say I can certainly appreciate the effort you put into yours (I really enjoyed the wardrobe changes and think you made a fun choice with the collegiate apparel!