Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas 2013 Centerpiece

With the baby due on right around New Years Eve, I am very pregnant right now and when it came to Christmas decor I kept it simple. That being said I think my house may look as good as it ever has for Christmas and everything I purchased this year came from the grocery store! Three 20ft white pine garlands for $8 a piece, a $5 fresh pine bouquet, and  two little white poinsettias that were 2 for $9. Today I just want to keep it short and sweet with my Christmas centerpiece.

ANYONE can do this by the way...even the most "decor challenged".  I explain more below.

This literally took no time at all. If you have a vase at home you are set, if you don't you can usually pick one of those up at the grocery store too. I got this one for a little over $20 dollars at Target a few years back but I have used it so much...well worth it.

My style is usually defined like this: simple, with a little shine. I did that here. I kept it simple with my grocery store pine evergreen bouquet and white poinsettias (still in the green paper, you could put them in a pretty little vase..which I may still do.)

My shine comes from my silver candlesticks...a wedding shower gift from my mother-in-law that have made many table setting sparkle over the last few years! If you can splurge on even just one or two silver plated items I know you won't regret it..or ask for something shiny for Christmas this year...there is still time!

I added cloth hydrangeas...I use those around the house year round. I had also kept the pine cones from a previous arrangement that my mother sent for Christmas a few years ago. I don't like to hang onto a lot of what I call "Seasonal decor clutter" but some things really are worth holding be discerning rather than just keep or tossing will pay off in both in saving money and storage space!

Keep the vase full of enough water to keep your branches submerged and you should be good for the whole of the holiday season. No trimming stems, just add water! Love it!

There you have it friends! A Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and yours. After the holidays I hope to have some baby news and nursery pictures to share!

How did you decorate for Christmas this year?


Weekend Bloggy Reading

Monday, December 16, 2013

End Table Up-cycle

The key to finding the perfect item to up-cycle is to look for the potential the piece has. It's a good exercise in learning to look past whats wrong and see the good. Once you establish what is good about a piece it is time to find a way "eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive..." I think I have done that here, hopefully it will inspire you to make something old, or just something ugly, and make it new.

I found a table at St.Vinny's for $30.00. It had good bones and nice husband thought otherwise...he thought it was ugly and wanted to know what I was going to do with it. He was not about to waste $30.00. I basically said "Of course it's ugly...that's why it needs me...I see the potential in it and clearly you don't." Needless to say we walked out with that table and I walked out fodder for the blog!

The top had this faux leather thing going on. Paint was not going to take to that very well so a peeled it up hoping there was not a disaster underneath.

Thankfully there was only a bit of adhesive which I easily sanded away.

At first I thought I would white wash this piece as I have with most of my furniture painting projects before but I decided to have a little more fun with this one. I used paint I already had. Those of you who read the blog regularly (or at least as regularly as I have been getting around to posting these days) know that when I am trying to choose wall colors in my house I go through A LOT of paint samples (here, here, and here) hence a lot of tiny paint samples in my basement which worked out perfect for this project.

The above photo gives away how long I have procrastinated in getting this project posted...Oh well, it's nice to see some tulips in the winter time :) I am debating adding a mirrored top, what do you think? Should I get some mirrored glass to set inside the ridge?

 I must tell you how impressed my husband was to see the finished product...I am noticing a pattern of proving my husband wrong on many of the design/project choices for our home...I am lucky that he is gracious in defeat :)

Our little Stella girl loves taking a bit of refuge under this up-cycled end table. Meow.

As always I love to know who has been here and I love your feedback and comments! Drop me a line, and if you are so inclined subscribe! I hope to see you sooner next time, but I am two weeks from my due date, so I have no idea how life will change in the coming months. My hope is that our baby girl will inspire even more of my nesting instinct and help me discern just how to use my creative talents...of course if you have any ideas for me I would love to hear you thoughts and encouragement in the comments section.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

While I have been away...

I was fully intending on keeping up with the blog when I left my job...I thought "The blog can be my job," like so many other talented diy bloggers I see! Well, after about a month of being home full time the baby we had been waiting for "planted" herself in my life! Below you see me at 5 weeks (about the time I disappeared from the blog) and the second photo is at 21 weeks and was taken about two weeks ago. My first trimester was hard...sitting at the computer typing posts and doing diy projects was about the last thing on my mind. FINALLY I am starting to feel better...well into my second trimester I might add...So to those whose nausea didn't magically go away at the 3 month mark, I feel your pain. And to those experienced  moms who told me "It'll go away in by the 2nd trimester"...while you were wrong, I appreciate the hope you gave me :)

It is kind of surreal to think about the reality of what is happening inside my body and it has been sinking in in stages. I think about being in high school and college, saying things like "When I get married..." or "When I have kids..." and how when you say those things you are looking toward the have no idea what your family will look like at that point. Now I have a fuller picture of what it was that I was looking forward to at the time...I know who my husband is now, then I didn't. I know that "when I have kids" that my oldest is a baby girl to be born in the winter time. Its amazing that as time goes on all the "hypotheticals" get answered, whether they are answered the way or at the time we think they should be is another story. 

I really, really, really want to share with you what we are planning for the nursery and I have been doing a few other projects around the house to get ready for the babe! We also have a master bathroom remodel that should have been underway right by now but working with our contractor has been a comedy of errors up to this point..but I want to share that with you as well. You may remember a post I did featuring our current full bath...well we decided to let that one remain pea green for now and to ADD A MASTER BATHROOM!

If you stop by PLEASE let me know, drop me a line in the comments section! It really does make my day to hear from you and it feeds my motivation to continue the blog! I am sure if nothing else you can find a spelling error or two...(punctuation and grammar are also likely to be incorrect because of my casual writing style on the blog, but I still welcome your feedback!)  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!